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Crypto in GTA 6? Rumors of mega game resurface

 Crypto in GTA 6?  Rumors of mega game resurface

Diving again rumours on the integration of cryptocurrencies in the popular game series Grand Theft Auto (GTA). The creators behind the adventure games, Rockstar Games, have long been developing a new sixth installment in the series.

The rumors came from it Twitterchannel of DappRadder, a large Web3 platform focused on decentralized applications (dApps). The platform suggests that the game can integrate various blockchain gaming applications. The game could even potentially contain crypto that can be exchanged for cash. Players would go through a play to earn fashion model Earn crypto rewards by successfully completing assignments. In addition, it is suggested that the game will make use of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

GTA rumors baseless

Although the rumors receive a lot of attention on Twitter, they are generally not strongly substantiated and the story still sounds unlikely. The creators behind the popular game have so far not made any official statements regarding the integration of crypto or blockchain technology in GTA 6. Tweets about this are regularly very popular and sometimes reach millions of views. In some cases they receive a so-called community notes. This means that Twitter users point out that the tweet in question is unfounded. In almost all cases, for example, some form of proof is missing from the developers or other parties involved in the game.

Crypto rumors in Grand Theft Auto 6 have been around for some time

While there is no evidence to confirm the rumours, fans of the game series have long been hoping for blockchain integration into the world of Grand Theft Auto. That’s how it became crypto news from 2021 already rumored that players Bitcoin (BTC) could earn in the game. In addition, the publisher behind the GTA game series is already in bandagedt with the integration of NFTs in games. It makes crypto fans hope for a real integration of crypto in the world of GTA.

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