Crypto gambling projected to reach 65.7 billion by 2027

What are the biggest trends of recent years? That’s hard to say. But if you make a list with the 10 biggest hypes of the last decade, crypto and online gambling are definitely in it. Especially now that the two are combined, they are both becoming increasingly popular. This upward trend is expected to continue and the crypto casino market will be worth as much as $66.7 billion by 2027. What’s up with that? We explain it to you.

It is not new that grand predictions are made about the growth of a market. Both the online gambling market and the crypto market have very positive expectations from experts. We’ve already seen it in recent years, when the online gambling market is getting bigger. And what do you get when you merge two rising markets? Well, probably and even stronger growth. Let’s take a closer look at the future of the crypto gambling market.


A study from the United States shows that the current Blockchain gaming market is worth around USD 4.6 billion. This is expected to grow to $65.7 USD by 2027, which means it will need to grow at a rate of 70% each year to achieve this. There are several factors responsible for this enormous growth. However, there are also a number of difficulties that the Blockchain gaming market faces.

The growth explains

The American study explains the prediction with several reasons. First, the investments of large companies are gigantic and are getting bigger. This means that games are becoming increasingly reliable, of better quality and that there is a greater choice for players. But the practical aspects are also getting better, so be it crypto payment options in online casinos increasingly accessible and you can also find them on the best sites.

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Another factor that comes into play is the fact that the crypto games are decentralized. Where you can rarely switch between different games in ‘normal’ games. Many crypto games allow you to use items, skins and in-game weapons on multiple games thanks to the blockchain technology.


Although the crypto gambling market is booming, there are a number of difficulties. The main challenge is to continuously adapt to new regulations. The government is still quite strict about crypto games, so a lot is changing. You can stay informed about these new regulations by following the regulatory news around crypto. This way you get to know what is going on and what companies are doing.

In short, the large investments lead to new changes and improvements for players and the market. In addition, the blockchain gaming technology offers many extras that regular games cannot offer. This and more explains the prediction for the great growth of the crypto gambling market for the coming years. The challenges that lie ahead are the regulations and how the government deals with the new trends and technologies. In any case, it will be an interesting market to follow for the coming years.

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