Crypto exchange Litebit falls, Knaken gains ground in Rotterdam

It crypto landscape is one of constant change. From euphoric rises to deep falls. And sometimes, as recently with the Dutch LiteBit, of total standstill. LiteBit has decided to cease its activities due to a combination of challenging market conditions and intense competition. However, this offers new opportunities for crypto exchange Knaken.

If you are now register with Knaken you can even receive 10 euros completely free!

The demise of LiteBit

Crack is a reputable and reliable crypto platform based in the Netherlands. With an intuitive interface, strong customer service and a wide range of available cryptocurrencies, Knaken has proven itself as a reliable player in the Dutch crypto ecosystem.

Although the closure of the Rotterdam LiteBit is undoubtedly a loss for the crypto industry in the Netherlands, it offers opportunities for other exchanges. Including, of course, Knaken, which has also made Rotterdam its home base. In addition, Knaken is even more closely intertwined with Rotterdam through the collaboration with Feyenoord. If official crypto partner Just like Feyenoord, Knaken hopes to win victory after victory.

Now that LiteBit has closed its doors, the former users of this platform are looking for a reliable alternative. Knaken hopes to profile itself as an excellent choice here, certainly with a view to the future. Knaken has ambitious plans. The CEO of the platform, Ronald Jonkers, had this to say:

“At Knaken we look beyond the current perception of cryptocurrencies. We are not just an exchange platform – we are developing into a daily use product, where paying, saving and investing come together. We are the bridge between the digital currencies of tomorrow and the financial needs of today, with every transaction a step into the future of finance.”

Knaken is ready to grow

One of the features with which Knaken promises to become more than just a crypto exchange is Knaken Settle. In fact, everyone who has been out for dinner or visited a festival with friends in recent years has undoubtedly received or sent a Tikkie themselves. Knaken has come up with a unique variation on this.

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With Knaken Settle you can receive your money owed in crypto! You send your payment request as you are used to, for example via WhatsApp, but instead of receiving your money in euros, you can choose from a large number of different payment methods. cryptocurrencies. This without your friends needing an account with Knaken!

In addition, with Knaken Settle you can also pay with crypto at your favorite webshops and stores. Knaken Settle is even an approved payment method at Buckaroo. This way, you can also turn your crypto portfolio into a real payment account in one fell swoop.

So, if you are looking for a reliable, regulated and user-friendly crypto platform from Dutch soil, consider Knaken. Everyone who sign up now will now even receive 10 euros as a gift after completing their first Settle payment!

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