Home Business Crypto exchange Bybit stops several services in the Netherlands, what now?

Crypto exchange Bybit stops several services in the Netherlands, what now?

Crypto exchange Bybit stops several services in the Netherlands, what now?

Bybit powered by SATOS, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, has announced that it will discontinue some of its products in the Netherlands. The reason for this is the strict regulations regarding derivatives. This was communicated to customers via email.

Bybit stops derivatives trading in the Netherlands

The company points out that it is no longer allowed to offer derivatives in the Netherlands due to the strict guidelines of the Dutch Bank (DNB). No new positions can be opened from March 5th, while existing positions will be automatically closed on March 26th.

Bybit powered by SATOS continues to offer trading opportunities Cryptocurrency. Margin trading remains available, albeit without derivatives, with traders able to use up to 10x leverage. In addition, Bybit has announced that it will launch a new website specifically for Dutch users by March.

Possible alternatives to Bybit

There are also alternatives Crypto exchanges like Kraken, where spot trading with up to 5x leverage is possible. However, for those looking for more trustworthy and regulated options, exchanges such as Bybit, Kraken and Coinbase remain the preferred choice.

For the bolder traders, decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are an option, albeit with more complexity and risks. These exchanges like Gmx offer traders the opportunity to use up to 50x leverage, although with a greater emphasis on security measures.

The Bitcoin market continues to evolve

Now it is Bitcoin (BTC) market is performing, with the price recently breaking the $52,000 resistance. However, traders are warned against making hasty decisions.

The RSI indicator points to an overbought situation, which could indicate a possible situation withdraw. Technical analysis suggests that consolidation or even a decline is possible before further gains occur.

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