Home Business Crypto exchange Bybit introduces new AI as a trading aid

Crypto exchange Bybit introduces new AI as a trading aid

Crypto exchange Bybit introduces new AI as a trading aid

The exchange was founded in 2018 bybit has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) to help users trade. The self-tuition programs can provide comprehensive answers to trading questions crypto. The chatbot, which bills itself as “TradeGPT,” can be a reliable resource if customer service is taking too long.

AI is increasingly used by trading platforms

bybits TradeGPT is a fusion of the intelligent chatbot ChatGPT and the Exchange designed ‘ToolsGPT’. Launched back in June 2023, this program combined machine learning programs with the platform’s market data. This enabled the program to perform technical analysis, funding analysis, and model forecasting.

With TradeGPT, the exchange goes one step further and provides users with comprehensive answers to complicated crypto trading questions. The program can develop both market strategies and products for strategies. In addition, the program can offer a nice change from the sometimes stressful everyday life day trading.

Bybit is increasingly integrating artificial intelligence into its exchanges. Bybit now offers TradeGPT, ToolsGPT, trading bots and more copy trade use. For example, the company tries to provide users with the best possible support in their crypto trading. Exchanges like Crypto.com are also introducing ChatGPT powered user assistants like “Amy”.

Crypto exchange Bybit is giving CI readers €20 for free

Bybit is a Dubai-based international crypto exchange founded in 2018 by Ben Zhou. There are more than 270 assets listed on the platform. Due to its international orientation, Bybit is an exchange that has something for every trader. The platform has over 10 million users and is active in 160 countries.

With its focus on speed, liquidity and user experience, Bybit has established itself as a leading player in the cryptocurrency world. With very low trading costs, it is one of the cheapest platforms both in the Netherlands and abroad. Crypto Insiders readers get €20 free when registering on Bybit. Registration is possible via this link.

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