Crypto donations in 2021 16 times higher than the year before

While crypto investments from institutions had a good year in 2021, it also turned out to be a good year for crypto charities.

Research on crypto donations

The platform called ‘The Giving Platform’ has among others the crypto donations in 2021 investigated. According to these figures, the crypto donation volume has increased to approximately $69.6 million in 2021. In 2020, this same volume was ‘only’ $4.2 (€3.7) million. This equates to an increase of 1.558%, or almost 16%.

The level of donations also saw a significant increase in the same year, from an average of $3,109 (€2,754) in 2020 to about $10,440 (€9,250) in 2021.

According to this data, an average crypto donation would be about 80x higher than an average cash donation. While the estimated average crypto donation is around $10,440, cash is around $130 (€115).

It is striking that approximately 40% of the total crypto donations were donated in the last 2 months of the year. In particular, the growing adoption of digital assets among the general public has been a major factor in the increased amount in crypto donations, according to the report.

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Growing popularity of crypto assets

Growth has continued steadily throughout the year, until the last few months where it exploded. Some 70 cryptocurrencies have reportedly been used for donations, with Ethereum (ETH) being the most popular, followed by Bitcoin (BTC) and the USDC Stablecoin.

The rising crypto donations reflect the growing popularity of using crypto assets. Blockchain technology makes crypto assets limitless, which has been an additional positive factor for this growing popularity.

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