Home Business Crypto Dip: Cardano Hardest Faller, Litecoin Begins Strong Recovery

Crypto Dip: Cardano Hardest Faller, Litecoin Begins Strong Recovery

Crypto Dip: Cardano Hardest Faller, Litecoin Begins Strong Recovery

The crypto market turns red after new inflation figures from the United States. This is an unexpected turn of events given that the consumer price index (CPI) data turned out more positive than expected.

Despite this, we have some altcoins in the top 100 that still turn green today, but that is not the case for the majority. Therefore, the total market cap of crypto is down 1.2% to $1.227 trillion. Still, several stocks are starting to show signs of recovery at the time of writing.

Bitcoin price falls after CPI

Bitcoin (BTC) almost touched $31,000 again shortly after new inflation figures from the US, but the price then took a big dive. Perhaps fear about the shifting of a large pile of BTC from the US government is playing a role here. At the time of writing, bitcoin appears to be looking to recover and break through resistance around USD 30,400. However, with a price of $30,450, bitcoin is still down 1.1% today.

Ethereum still follows BTC

Ethereum (ETH) largely followed bitcoin again in the past 24 hours, dropping to $1,865. ETH is currently also starting to recover, but is still down 0.8% at $1,876.

Cardano falls hardest in red crypto top 10

We also see a similar recovery in the rest of the top 10, but most prices are still in the red. Ripple (XRP) is only down 0.3% and is around $0.473. Dogecoin (DOGE) is down 0.5% to $0.065. Solana (SOL) is down 0.7% today at $21.9.

Polygon (MATIC) and binance coin (BNB) are currently rising sharply, but are both still down 0.9%. Cardano (ADA), however, lags behind and sees little recovery. The ADA price is down 1.9% today at $0.287.

Litecoin only climber altcoin top 10

Yet we have a notable exception in the top 10: litecoin (LTC). The LTC price started rising hard early this morning and just broke through the $100 mark. At $100.8, LTC is up almost 4% today.

Kava takes the hardest hit in crypto top 100

Although most of the top 100 turn red, most prices are less than 3% in the red. However, sui (SUI) and pepe (PEPE) are down about 3%. Algorand (ALGO) is down 4.4% and kava (KAVA) is even down 11.5% to $0.94.

Kaspa is rising fastest in crypto top 100

On the other hand, we have some big risers. Radix (XRD), like litecoin, is almost 4% up. Compound (COMP) is even up 6% to USD 70.6. Kaspa (KAS) steals the show today, shooting up more than 8% to $0.0265. KAS is even up 24% compared to a week ago.

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