Crypto detective deactivates X account, copycats sow chaos

Sometimes referred to as “legendary.” Crypto Detective ZachXBT has reportedly deactivated his X (formerly Twitter) account. The detective’s profile is still discoverable, but he won’t be posting anything for a while. Now that he’s gone, impersonators seem to be working hard to rip people off.

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Crypto legend ZachXBT deactivates X account, scammers strike

ZachXBT was once an active crypto investor. Unfortunately, after trading for a while, he fell victim to what is known as a “back pull”. In such a scam, the creators of a crypto project walk away with the money. However, the unfortunate event had a downside: it paved the way for the birth of a legendary crypto detective.

Zach uncovered dozens of fraudulent crypto projects, tracked down countless thefts, and returned millions of euros in crypto to its rightful owners. Now, after a turbulent time, he has done it in the midst of a lawsuit, his account has been deactivated. It is unknown how long this will last.

Copycats immediately took advantage of the absence and tried to scam people en masse. There were already many fake ZachXBT accounts on X and Telegram, but the number seems to have increased. The accounts pretend to be the detective and trick people into thinking they are being hacked.

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Ignorance leads to additional harm for crypto traders

Michael Khekoian, Partnership Director at Web3 Security Guards Wallet protection, has expressed concern about this development. Regarding X he writes:

“Attention! Keep your eyes open, there are fake @zachxbt accounts trying to scam people by offering help.”

The deactivation of the ZachXBT account was only shared by the detective in his Telegram channel. Nothing was mentioned on X itself, which led to ignorance among his followers. The last message posted by ZachXBT on X was on December 18th.

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