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Crypto.com registers with DNB

Crypto.com has recently received approval from De Nederlandsche Bank to offer its cryptocurrency services in the Netherlands.

Registration completed successfully

The crypto platform has successfully completed registration as a cryptocurrency service provider after a thorough review of their operations and compliance with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing requirements in the country.

With this approval, Crypto.com joins the 35 other registered cryptocurrency-related companies that are already allowed to operate in the Netherlands. Among these well-known operators are Coinbase Europe, eToro and Bitstamp.

Obtaining license necessary to operate legally

A Crypto.com spokesperson has clarified that its recent registration as a cryptocurrency service provider specifically allows the company to provide cryptocurrency wallets to customers and facilitate fiat currency and cryptocurrency exchanges in the Netherlands.

It is important to note that Crypto.com services were already accessible in the Netherlands before the announcement of their registration. The spokesperson, Tobias Oudejans, explained that users based in the Netherlands can legally sign up for Crypto.com’s services. However, without registration it would be illegal for the company to offer or advertise its services to potential Dutch users.

Unlike Crypto.com, Binance recently announced that it will cease its attempts to register as a cryptocurrency service provider in the Netherlands. This decision came after De Nederlandsche Bank failed to grant approval to Binance, resulting in their ceasing operations in the Dutch jurisdiction.

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