Crypto Breakout: Cardano Up 15%, Solana Up 20% and Zilliqa Up 50%

Although most crypto has been showing a cautious upward trend since the turn of the year, it remained relatively quiet last week. This week promises to look different right away, because many prices started to rise sharply yesterday evening. Several crypto coins are in the plus this morning and we even have a number of major outliers.

The market is cautiously beginning to talk about a so-called altcoin season, or alt season, but some analysts warn that this relief rally can be over soon. Despite this, the total market capitalization is up 3.6% to $889 billion.

Bitcoin price back above 17,000

Bitcoin (BTC) was finally able to break out of the range below $17,000 last weekend. Despite this, the BTC price today lags behind a large number of altcoins. Still, with a price of $17,270, bitcoin is up 1.9% today. However, analysts seem to be very divided about which direction the price will continue. For example, the analysts of Crypto Insiders warn of a rapid turnaround.

Ethereum price breaks $1,300

Ethereum (ETH) is already gaining strength, breaking above $1,300 last night for the first time since mid-December. At the time of writing, ether is even rising to $1,325, which means that the price is up 4.9% today. Meanwhile, the next major Ethereum update, ‘Shanghai’, seems to be getting closer.


Ripple (XRP) is also slightly behind today, but at $0.35 it is still up 3.3% compared to 24 hours ago. Binance coin (BNB) is playing again with the $280 and is already 6.9% up today.

Dogecoin (DOGE) and polygon (MATIC) are picking up even more strongly and are both even up 7.5%. DOGE climbs to $0.077 and MATIC to $0.086.

Cardano price rises by almost 15%

But it is cardano (ADA) that steals the show today in the top 10, overtaking dogecoin again. ADA briefly touched USD 0.34 last night and is struggling to hold above USD 0.33 this morning and is falling to USD 0.325. Yet ADA is no less than 14.5% in the plus today.

Solana price rises by 21%

Yet just outside the top 10 we have an even harder riser: solana (SOL). While the market recently called for SOL to plummet to $0, the price is up as much as 21% today and even up 65% in 2023. SOL is currently trying to grab $16.5.

Crypto top 100 fastest risers

In the top 100 we find even more big risers today. For example, phantom (FTM), filecoin (FIL) and bitdao (BIT) are up 10%. For frax share (FXS) and klaytn (KLAY) this is already almost 11%. Apecoin (APE) is up by 12%, and flow (FLOW), decentraland (MANA) and cosmos (ATOM) by 13%.

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Maker (MKR) and curve (CRV) are already up 14% today. Sandbox (SAND) and rocket pool (RPL) are both up 14.5%. Immutablex (IMX) is up 17% and lido (LDO) is up 21.5%.

Zilliqa price rises by 51%

Finally, we have the big winner of the day: zilliqa (ZIL). The ZIL price is up a bizarre 51% today and is at $0.027 at the time of writing.

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