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Crypto Analyst Predicts: XRP Could Rise to $30 During Next Bull Run

A well-known crypto analyst recently made a bold price prediction for XRP, suggesting that the price could rise to an astonishing price of between $25 and $30 during the next cryptocurrency bull run.

While Captain Faibik’s price prediction would undoubtedly be an exciting development for XRP investors, it’s important to keep your feet on the ground. While his forecast is high, the analyst also warns investors to remain cautious.

The analyst, known as Captain Faibik on Twitter, underlined his prediction with a stark warning to investors. While we are in this accumulation phase, he stressed the importance of patience and a considered approach in the current market conditions. For investors convinced of a bright future for XRP, he recommends a strategy focused on stable, long-term accumulation.

Is an XRP price of $26 achievable?

Faibik’s extensive chart analysis of XRP predicts a bright future, with a potential increase in value to an impressive $26.57. This would represent an almost unimaginable growth of almost 3700% from the current price, which hovers around $0.70.

However, not everyone in the cryptocurrency community shares this optimism. Some have expressed doubts about the feasibility of Faibik’s prediction. They argue that a rise to this height would push the total market value of XRP to the astronomical level of a trillion dollars. Therefore, they suggest a more subdued price forecast. A range of $5 to $8 has been cited as a more realistic, yet still ambitious, price target, a view also supported by other market analysts.

More analysts are very bullish

Since a federal judge ruled that XRP is not necessarily a security, bullish price predictions have been made by various analysts. Among them is YouTuber Bitboy, who takes an optimistic stance on the future value of XRP. According to his analysis, the price of XRP could rise to $15 within 18 months.

He even goes one step further. Bitboy states that should Ripple decide to go public, the value of XRP could even rise to $35. These predictions show that the optimistic view of XRP is widely shared, despite skepticism in some parts of the crypto community.

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