Crying children by the canal told the story of their mother’s brutality

In the United States, a mother left her three children in a remote desert and fled with a friend. However, the police soon found the children and arrested the mother.

According to US media, the children were rescued from a well-known resort on the South Carolina border.

The children were spotted by a few people aboard a passing boat and informed the police.

Courtney Taylor, the children’s mother, reported missing her 12-, 13- and 15-year-old children on Monday evening.

When police arrived, the eldest child said he had come camping with his mother and friend on Sunday evening. On Monday morning, the two went out to fetch water and never returned.

The police found the children the next day and arrested the mother that evening, but according to the police, the mother was released on bail.

Courtney’s friend is also wanted by police in other drug sales and use cases, so a search is under way. He has been on the run since the day after the incident.

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