Cruz Azul and Chivas fight over the signing of Jesús Gallardo

While Chivas and Tigres are preparing to play the grand final of the Clausura 2023, other teams are already working on their preseason with the aim of improving what was done in the semester. One of these teams is Blue Crosswho despite the arrival of ‘Tuca’ on the bench, failed to qualify for the league.

For this reason, Cruz Azul is already working on the search for new signings for the next tournament. Although up to now they have not finalized any signature, they have several players on their list, and one of the main objectives is to strengthen the winger. It is in this context that the celestials are interested in Jesus Gallardo, Rayados de Monterrey player. However, in his way are the Chivas.

Cruz Azul and Chivas fight over the signing of a star from Monterrey

Jesús Gallardo ends his contract with the Monterrey team and, so far, has not received a renewal offer, since the club has not yet defined who will be its next coach.

Both Blue Cross like Chivas, they want to take advantage of this situation to tempt the talented player of the Mexican national team and add him to their respective projects. The capitalists have adapted Rivero in the position of left back, while the Guadalajara have used Orozco, a central defender by nature, in that position. The signing of Gallardo would solve this deficiency immediately for both teams.

The dispute for Jesús Gallardo promises to be intense, as both teams have high expectations for the upcoming season. Both Cruz Azul and Chivas want to strengthen their squads and aspire to achieve success in the next competition. The addition of Gallardo would be a great boost for either team, since he is a versatile and high-quality player.

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