The Cruise Rave Party problem is increasing after NCB’s action. Now great news has come out in this case. In the case of the Drug Party, the Panchnama filed by NCB has revealed that Shahrukh Khan’s own son has confessed to being a drug carrier.

According to NCB’s Panchnama, Aryan Khan and Arbaaz Merchant are said to have confessed to using drugs after being captured on the day of the raid. Arbaaz Merchant had confessed to wearing charas hidden in shoes and zip-lock bags in front of the investigating officer. Aryan and Arbaaz had confessed to taking charas together. They both admitted that they were going to wear this charas during the cruise party.

Aryan Khan, son of actor Shahrukh Khan, who is caught up in the cruise ship drug case, has no relief in this case. On Friday, the court rejected the bail petition filed by Aryan’s attorney at Fort Court in Mumbai. In such a situation, on Friday night, Aryan stayed with the rest of the prisoners in the Arthur Road jail. During this period, no special treatment was given to Aryan Khan.

Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan spent a night in Mumbai Arthur Road Jail for the drug case. In prison, Aryan Khan received food like common prisoners. Along with this, only the common prisoners’ sleeping facilities have been given. Aryan Khan and Arbaaz Merchant have been kept in barracks number 1 of the Arthur Road jail. Although the RT-PCR report was negative, both have been kept in the Special Quarantine Center.



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