Crossing the Multiverse:

Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse hits theaters this Friday June 2. A spectacular continuation of the 2018 Oscar-winning film for best animated film that seeks to definitively silence those who warn that the public is saturated with superhero series and movies.

“I don’t agree with this idea that people are tired of a certain type of character or story.“, affirms forcefully Kemp Powers, one of the three directors of Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse.

In an interview with, the three filmmakers of the long-awaited animated sequel explain why what is important It’s not the genre, but the plot.

“People will always see a well-told story. People have been ‘tired’ of Westerns for a long time, and suddenly yellowstone and it’s the most watched series on television,” adds Powers.

Justin K. Thompson and Joaquim Dos Santos, the other two directors of the film, second their partner, who continues. “Superhero stories were dead and suddenly Christopher Nolan did The Dark Knight and it was like, ‘Oh, forget what I said because this is an amazing movie.’ No one saw Spider-Man: A New Universe coming and all of a sudden , an obsession with Spider-Man was created because of it. So I think ultimately it’s all about telling a story well that connects with people,” Powers says.

On the other hand, the filmmakers also reflect on what makes Spider-Man a different character from other superheroes. “What makes Spider-Man unique, whoever he is, is that he can be anyone,” says Dos Santos.

“What makes Spider-Man and Miles Morales so amazing is that he’s out there doing all these crazy things like crossing dimensions and fighting amazing superpowered beings, but ultimately what he’s most concerned about is Don’t let your parents down.” Thompson joins.

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“He doesn’t live in a big mansion, he doesn’t have millions of dollars, he doesn’t have that handsome Hollywood look, he doesn’t have a big car, so he has to do it all like the rest of us.”index Dos Santos, pointing out the ease with which you can empathize with Peter Parker, Miles Morales or whatever arachnid variant.

Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse opens in theaters on June 2. In it, Miles will enter fully into a universe of interconnected alternate realities that leads him to meet infinite versions of Spider-Man. Spder-Gwen and Peter B. Parker are back with him, and he will also meet new characters like Miguel O’Hara (Spider-Man 2099), Jessica Drew, Spider-India or Spider-Punk.

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