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Cristinini confirmed as DAZN F1 reporter

The news of Cristinini’s signing with DAZN F1 will soon become official, as the platform announced on its social networks

One of the most talked about news in recent months among Formula 1 fans in Spain is about to become official. Cristinini becomes new DAZN F1 reporter, because that’s exactly what they hinted at on their social networks. In this way, the popular streamer becomes part of the team she leads Antonio Lobato, who extended his contract a few days ago after months of negotiations.

After an exciting year in Formula 1, which once again saw fans skyrocket in Spain, DAZN has decided to go all out. At first it looked like they were going to completely overhaul their team, but in the end that wasn’t the case. Actually, Cristinini will be one of DAZN F1’s few new facesas the rest of the team will remain virtually the same.

Cristinini DAZN
Cristinini will be part of Antonio Lobato’s team

Cristinini, DAZN’s latest addition for the new season

This has been talked about since the end of last season the signing of Cristinini. The streamer does not enjoy the support of an important section of Formula 1 fans who believe that she does not have enough knowledge to take on the position. But the truth is that they could be completely wrong.

In addition to a detailed CV, Cristinini has shown in her other projects that she is more than qualified. His preparation will be optimal and he could be a very successful addition to the platform. Mainly to attract the younger audience. An audience that was able to start watching Formula 1 thanks to the streamer.

Antonio Lobato will have a new partner

Another one of the hottest topics of the preseason was the renewal of Antonio Lobato. For weeks the negotiations were considered a failure and everything seemed to indicate that we would be missing one of the pillars of Formula 1 in Spain. But ultimately both parties managed to agree on an extension of their contractual relationship.

It is equally important to highlight this Pedro de la Rosa and Toni Cuquerella will continue with Antonio Lobato in DAZN F1. The Skull Trio now has a partner as Cristinini joins the team. Now we just have to wait and see how they get along as this will be their first time working together. And all this in an exciting season for the Spanish automotive world.

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