Cristiano Ronaldo dazzles Fernando Alonso with the petrodollar magnet

The team in which the Asturian pilot will run is loved by the infinite economic power of the Arab country, just as El Bicho did with his new soccer team in 2023

The objective of Saudi Arabia for this 2023 is to appear on the map of the Sports field as a power, and have included Fernando Alonso in your plans. Just as they did with the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo with the signing to his new team Al Nassr, they also want to relate the Spanish pilot with the Arab country.

How are you going to do? is the question that the environment is asking right now Fernando Alonso which is currently waiting with expectation. Meanwhile, the Asturian is preparing to start his 2023 season on the right foot aboard the English team Aston Martin. The first GP will be held in Bahrain on March 5.

The public investment fund in Saudi Arabia wants to sponsor Aston Martin and incidentally sponsor Fernando Alonso.

The Saudi Arabia plan with Fernando Alonso

In the Asian country they know that the marketing that elite athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo and Fernando Alonso himself move is really high. For the sample, the official account of the Al Nassr club has a very high growth in followers since the Portuguese footballer signed with the Arab team.

Now the idea is that Saudi Arabian businessmen invest a large sum of money by offering their sponsorship to the Aston Martin team, the same one where the Spanish driver will race. The general plan is to add icons of the sport to place the name of the Arab country at the top, and at the same time generating marketing everywhere.

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Would Fernando Alonso benefit from said sponsorship?

Fernando Alonso is the reason why the Saudi Arabian public investment fund wants to sponsor the British team. So the pilot will be the one who takes the biggest slice of said alliance in economic ways. However, the last word will be with the president of Aston Martin when he meets with the Saudi businessmen.

Another of the Arab country’s plans is to have another GP on the Formula 1 calendar in 2024. For this year they already have the Jeddah Urban Circuit that will take place on March 19. As additional information, the public investment fund of Saudi Arabia has also called on the McLaren team to offer the sponsorship. Thus, the Saudi nation would have 2 teams in F1.

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