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“Cristiano is deadly” – AS.com

Nani shared a dressing room with Cristiano for two seasons at Manchester United, from 2007 to 2009. The current captain of the Orlando City, of the MLS, confesses that he was not surprised by the redebut of his compatriot with the Red Devils. In an interview with the Eleven television network, the Portuguese winger describes his former teammate as “deadly”.

Nani believes that today’s Cristiano is a different footballer than the one who played with him at Manchester United 12 years ago. However, he assures that his voracity remains, as he demonstrated against Newcastle: “It was normal. That’s what I always tell him when he does these things. I don’t think you should be surprised, because I have been with him for many years, sharing the field and the dressing room, and only those who have played with him know what he is capable of. He is a very different player from a few years ago, but he was born to score goals and he will do so at any time. We do not know in what way, but it will score. Not only was I not surprised, but I could have scored more. “

Nani maintains a very good relationship with Cristiano. After the match against Newcastle he wrote to congratulate him. “I congratulated him by text message because you have to congratulate him, since he is still a champion, Despite everything he has achieved, the player he has become and the name he has. Despite everything he has done in football, he never ceases to impress, to run behind, to make people talk and to continue proving his worth “, said the captain of the Orlando City of the MLS.

Nani believes that Cristiano has made the right decision when returning to Manchester United: “I think he will do very well together with Bruno Fernandes, Pogba and all those stars who play for Manchester United. They will help him because he needed a team that could also, At this point in your career, give it a push in another direction. He will need energy behind him to cover him at certain moments, to defend him and to help him get the ball closer to the goal because, in those moments, it is deadly, he concluded.

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