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Cristinini and Grand Prix, an ‘alliance’ that will return this summer: “The program is very mine”

Cristinini and Grand Prix, an 'alliance' that will return this summer: "The program is very mine"

As we have witnessed over the past few years, the streaming industry has grown exponentially. In the past, streamers and content creators had a limited audience, as this niche market was largely associated with video games and eSports. However, we have seen a significant shift in this landscape, with many content creators transcending their online presence to gain popularity in other spheres, such as radio or television.

Ibai Llanos, a Basque streamer, is a prime example of this. He has managed to transcend the world of streaming and become a household name in Spanish society. Similarly, other content creators have successfully bridged the gap between the online and offline worlds, becoming known among broader social groups.

Cristinini’s Journey to Grand Prix

Cristinini, a streamer, has achieved success not only in the world of streaming but also in television and event presentation. His versatility has allowed him to adapt to different formats, including the legendary Spanish television program, Grand Prix.

Cristinini’s latest endeavor is his return to Grand Prix, where he will be presenting the show alongside Ramón García. His presence on the program has not gone unnoticed, with fans praising his witty commentary and infectious energy.

Cristinini and his words on his return to Grand PrixX / @InfoCristinini

Cristinini’s Words on Grand Prix

In a recent press conference, Cristinini shared his thoughts on his return to Grand Prix. When asked about the experience, he described it as “incredible” and revealed that the last recording session left him in tears, laughing so hard. He also spoke about the significance of the program to him, explaining that it is deeply personal and related to his family.

When Does Grand Prix Premiere?

Unfortunately, the exact date for Grand Prix’s return has not been announced. However, fans can rest assured that it is imminent, with the program set to premiere very soon.

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