Crisis: This is what happens when the euro falls – Madelon Praat

What if the euro falls, what should we do? Not only citizens, but also policymakers and politicians have been asking this question in recent times. The economic turmoil is great and currency after currency has suffered a significant loss of value and confidence. That’s why the Ministry of Finance has a plan, a plan to save what can be saved when the euro falls. This plan is shared with the cabinet but not published… and is secret. Isn’t that very strange, because the euro concerns us all?

Only once before in the history of the euro has it been as exciting as it is now. That was during the euro crisis as a result of the credit crisis in 2008. Banks collapsed and massive bailouts took place. Then it was on the brink and the euro was just fine. But whether that will also be the case a second time remains to be seen.

In the new Madelon Praat, Madelon Vos discusses the current situation, housing market inflation and bitcoin (BTC). Sit back and relax in an hour!

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