Crisis between Russia and Ukraine: Joe Biden denounces “the beginning of a Russian invasion”

US President Joe Biden denounced Tuesday, February 22 “the beginning of a Russian invasion of Ukraine”announcing financial sanctions against Russia and new arms deliveries “defensive” to Ukraine. By announcing that the Ukrainian regions whose independence Russia has recognized are going further than the areas currently controlled by the separatists, Russian President Vladimir Putin “is developing justifications to go much further”said Joe Biden.

>> Crisis in Ukraine: follow the evolution of the situation in our live

“This is the start of a Russian invasion of Ukraine”added the American president in an address to the nation from the White House.

A redeployment of American forces in the Baltic countries

Joe Biden announced a “first installment” sanctions which must cut Russia off from Western funding and target the “Russian elites” as well as financial institutions. “We are putting in place broad sanctions on Russian sovereign debt. This means we are cutting off the Russian government from Western funding”did he declare.

“I authorized the redeployment of American forces already positioned in Europe to reinforce our Baltic allies, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania”continued the Chief Executive, while recalling that the United States did not give up hope of finding a diplomatic solution. “There is no doubt that Russia is the aggressor, so we are aware of the challenges we face”he said. “Nevertheless, there is still time to avoid the worst-case scenario which will inflict enormous suffering on millions of people.”

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