Criminals Steal Six Vehicles from Parking Lot in Goes: A Well-Planned Heist

GOES – In a brazen heist at the intersection of Rivadavia and José L. Terra, criminals stole five cars and a motorcycle from a parking lot using the appropriate keys. The vehicles, all belonging to clients of the garage, were taken in two separate batches, at approximately 1 a.m. and 3 a.m.

Coordinated Theft in the Dead of Night

According to police reports, the thieves arrived at the scene in a car, suggesting a well-coordinated plan. Around 6 a.m., the parking lot owner discovered the garage closed with a car blocking the exit. Initially thinking it was a customer issue, he soon realized six vehicles were missing and immediately contacted the authorities.

Owner in Shock: “It’s Something Unusual”

Mario, the owner of the parking lot, expressed his disbelief to News Agency, saying, “I can’t believe it, it’s something unusual; if you tell me: they took one… but they took five cars. The way they did it, it was something that was handed over.”

Ongoing Investigation and Arrests

The police are currently analyzing security camera footage from the area and conducting surveillance to locate the stolen vehicles. The Scientific Police have examined the crime scene and the car that the thieves left behind.

On Wednesday morning, police arrested a man and a woman suspected of involvement in the theft. Three of the stolen vehicles were recovered in the Cerro neighborhood and Ciudad del Plata. Additionally, a car believed to have been used by the thieves was seized.

Security Measures Under Scrutiny

The parking lot, which houses about 40 vehicles, had its locks changed just two months ago, according to the owner. The incident raises concerns about the effectiveness of these security measures and the possibility of an inside job.

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