Cricket fan drank 8 cans of beer in 12 minutes to celebrate Yorkshire victory

Cricket lovers are found not only in India but all over the world. Fans are so passionate about their favorite sport that they are willing to do anything for it. If the fans celebrate the victory of their favorite team, they also get sad when they lose. After many times, after the defeat of the team, the fans broke the television and organized huge events in the joy of victory. But this time a different cricket fan has been seen in a fan.

At the Vitality Blast, the domestic T20 tournament taking place these days in England, a fan celebrated his team’s victory in a unique way. In the tournament, the Yorkshire team defeated Durham by 6 wickets on Friday. During this, a video is going quite viral. However, due to Twitter rules, this video cannot be viewed.

In the video, a fan drinks 8 cans of beer to celebrate Yorkshire’s victory. After this, he gets drunk and falls on the chairs of the dais itself. This video is becoming more and more viral on social networks. According to the news, this fan drank 8 cans of beer in 12 minutes, when the medical team arrives to pick this fan up, then chants from Yorkshire, Yorkshire are heard everywhere.

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