Creole power in the majors

The Dominican Republic once again showed its muscles and impressiveness among Latin American territories with the presence of 104 players on the Major League roster during Opening Day, with 44% of all the representatives of the region.

The country has led this section by a wide margin since monitoring began in 1995, as the number this time is the second most in history behind only the 110 in 2020, according to

The biggest threat against the Dominicans is the men from Venezuela, who had 62 men on the roster, followed by the 21 Cubans; Puerto Rico, 19; Mexico, 15; and Colombia had seven.

Among those that do not reach double digits is Panama with four; Nicaragua has two, ending the list with the unique number of Brazil and Honduras.

Carlos Vargas, the Dominican 885 to debut

The door that Osvaldo Virgil once opened, in 1956, continues in an astronomical ascent that seems not to give way to decline.

As soon as the opening day of the 2023 student, on March 30, right-handed pitcher Carlos Vargas registered his name with number 885 on the list of rookie Dominicans in Major League Baseball.

Rounding the figure to 900 is the joint mission among Dominicans, an achievable achievement and one that is “within a hit” when considering the mark of 35 men of ancestry or birth who broke into the Majors for the first time last season.

In addition to sports pride, baseball symbolizes an important economic sector within the Dominican Republic, an industry that every year leads dozens of young people to overcome extreme poverty.

And considering both factors, the development of this discipline is growing every day. Proof of this was the decade from 2010 to 2019, when the Dominican nationality was represented by 280 players who reached the major league level, the maximum mark for a period of this type.

We have seen in recent years the retirements of future Hall of Famers like Albert Pujols or Adrián Beltré, but production and performance continue at an unbeatable rate among foreigners in the American ball.

The manufacturing machines that patent the ultramarine blue, vermilion red and white of the Dominican flag show that they have no stopping them for the moment in the development of an incomparable talent.

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