Creature Commandos: Frank Grillo (Crossbones) arrives at DC with a grudge against Marvel

Frank Grillofamous for his role as Crossbones in the cinematic universe Wonder (MCU), recently marked his entry into the universe DC with his new role as Rick Flagg Sr. In ” Creature Commands“. In a recent interview with MovieFone, Grillo expressed his enthusiasm about this change of direction and did not shy away from criticism Wonder for managing his previous role and claimed that the company “ prey “in that respect Crossbones.

The actor praised the approach of James Gunn And Peter Safran in the house of DC and suggested that it would be present in the universe DC for a significant period of time, although specific details about its future plans remain confidential. “ I love James Gunn and Peter Safran and what they do at DC and for the DCU, and these characters live on in all of their films ” said Grillo. He expressed his disappointment about it Wonderwhich prompts a conversation with the brothers Russo, Kevin FigAnd Lou D’Espositowhere he emphasized that despite his affection for them, he felt like an opportunity presented itself to them Crossbones had been missing.

The participation of Grillo has ” Creature Commands » and his role as Rick Flagg Sr. Add an interesting dimension to the universe DC under expansion. His comment on his character’s expected longevity in this universe suggests ambitious plans on his part DCwho seems determined to develop his characters more deeply.

The criticism of Grillo regarding Wonder reflects a sentiment shared by many fans who have felt this Crossbonesdespite the character’s potential and talent Grillowas not used sufficiently MCU. His time at DC offers the actor another opportunity to make a significant impact on the world of superheroes, this time in a role that will hopefully give him the chance to fulfill his potential as a lead character.

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While ” Creature Commands » marks the beginning of this new adventure for Grillo In the universe DCHis fans are excited to see what his character looks like. Rick Flagg Sr.., is developed and integrated into the DCUand what impact it will have on the development of this cinematic universe.

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