Create a collection in homage to “Las Mariposas”

A Dominican graduate in design and with 30 years of experience in this type of art is Numa Torres. If her work were not so creative, it would have gone unnoticed, but her creativity led her to launch together with other painters the Tribute Collection, a tribute to the Dominican flora, fauna and culture and history and, very especially, to “Las Mariposas”.

Within that collection is that Numa pays tribute to the sisters from Salcedo known as Las Mariposas and that is why his creations are permanently on view at the Hermanas Mirabal Museum.

Numa created “Spanians By Numa” It is today a commercial business for the manufacture and sale of footwear that everyone knows as Avarcas sandals, based in New York, United States.

She graduated from fashion design and after 30 years in the interior design area, twenty of which were spent in Spain, Numa Torres found herself incorporated into Spanish society and culture and there she began to explore the world of footwear, “being Las Menorquinas (or Avarcas) his greatest discovery.

“I fell in love with the Avarcas, their history, their comfort and their versatility, this has become my passion and from this passion my brand Spanian by Numa was born”, assures the designer. Born and raised in the Hermanas Mirabal province, Dominican Republic,

Numa currently lives and designs his sandals in “the Capital of the world”, New York, and regularly travels to Spain to supervise the development of each Spanians design.

All Spanians have a woman’s name, and according to Numa, this is a tribute to important women in the life of the designer who still has roots in Spain, where her daughter resides.

After working for 30 years in the decoration sector in both the Dominican Republic and Spain, she decided that it was time to change the “register”.

He changed the fabrics and finishes for leathers, without detaching himself from everything that is colors, textures and good finishes. Then, when he went to live in the United States, he gave legal form to what is now “Spanians by Numa”, whose sandals are originally from the island of Menorca and are part of the Spanish tradition.

“I like to say that they are a shoe model (timeless) and not a fad,” he said. He held that from the beginning, when launching Spanians he always had the intention of creating a collection about Dominicanness and that is why she connected with two other women, “three women, all of them Mirabalenses”: doctor Patria Rojas, designer and botanist Inma Medina and Numa Torres.

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The designs that Numa, Rojas and Inma created were based on Inma Medina’s paintings.
The first painting was the Flor de Las Mirabal (Salcedoa Mirabaliarum), a flower that is only born and grows at one point on the planet, discovered in 1997 by the Dominican biologist Francis Jiménez Rodriguez.

Salcedoa was only born in La Jibara-Tenares, which is also where Inma Medina grew up. While the models “Portrait to Wilianny” and “Tribute to Guloya” are works by the Dominican painter Wilson Santana. The “RD Routes” model transports us to every corner of our beloved Quisqueya (Mother of all lands ”in Taíno, points out the Dominican artist. Tribute Collection

From the beginning of the Spanians brand, one of the folders contained a tribute to the Dominican, and with two years in the market, says Numa, it was when he felt the great moment to launch the “Tributo” collection.

His best scenario was the second edition of Quisqueya is Fashion which took place from September 10 to 12 in New York City,

Tributo is a collection made up of eight Spanians sandals with different models. “There are two cultural models where we capture works by the Dominican plastic artist, Wilson Santana and five works by the consecrated designer and plastic artist originally from Salcedo Inma Medina,” explained Numa.


Female project
“SpaniansbyNuma is a ‘female’ project. Developing a commercial project of this nature at age 50 brings positivity to women since it is always a good time to start, no matter how old you are if you are excited and willing to undertake.

Another value, according to its page, is the involvement and follow-up in the complete creation of each of the models that make up our proposal until we see them at your feet ”, Numa Torres signature.

In the country and abroad there are many women like Numa who have undertaken for their culture and desire to promote their knowledge and enhance the country and others for subsistence.

In the DR, according to data from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MICM), 14% of MSMEs are led by women, 21.1% are jointly owned and 64.9% by men.


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