Crackdown on Muslim organization for campaigning on hijab

New Delhi: A Muslim representative organization has been cracked down for campaigning on hijab.

According to Indian media reports, the Indian National Investigation Agency (NIA) raided the houses and offices of the Muslim representative organization ‘Popular Front of India’ in several states and arrested more than a hundred leaders and workers. Arrested.

According to media reports, the states in which these raids were carried out include Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Indian Home Minister Amit Shah, along with National Security Adviser Ajit Dodal and top police officials oversaw the nationwide operation.

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Indian authorities say that the raids on the residences and offices of people who are allegedly involved in raising funds for terrorism, setting up training camps, while the Popular Front has strongly denied the allegations of terrorism. .

The party says it works for the rights and empowerment of Muslims, backward classes and Dalits and has nothing to do with extremism.

It may be recalled that the student branch of the Popular Front of India recently played an important role in the protest of Muslim girls against the hijab ban in Karnataka.

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