Crack of Real Madrid does not find his place: Bellingham pushes him out

The signing of Jude Bellingham has been, for the moment, a great decision at Real Madrid, as the English footballer has been one of the positive news for the white team during the preseason

After months and months of negotiations, he real Madrid was done with the signing of Jude Bellingham in exchange for an amount close to 100 million euros. The large outlay made by the white team raised many doubts, since English footballers have never finished being what they promised in Spain. But the Stourbridge-born footballer has arrived determined to change history.

His first weeks in the white team have been very positive, as he seems very well integrated with the group and has also shown great performance on the pitch. That is why the signing of Jude Bellingham seems to be another great success for Real Madrid in the market. But it is a success that will have consequences.

Bellingham, another great success by Real Madrid
Bellingham has emerged as an absolute leader on the pitch

Bellingham, a great signing with consequences at Real Madrid

The most immediate consequence of the arrival of Jude Bellingham to Real Madrid has been the change of drawing. From the successful 4-3-3 that has given so many titles in recent years, it has gone to 4-4-2, with a rhombus in the center of the field. A diamond that is led by the English midfielder, who has already shown his ability to reach the rival area.

This same capacity is the one that has been demonstrating during the last years a Real Madrid footballer who has been one of the fans’ most beloved players and a key player for the team. This is Fede Valverde, who managed to open a gap between Modric, Kroos and Casemiro playing close to the right side.

Valverde, the great sacrifice of Ancelotti

However, now by playing without wingers and with four midfielders, Fede Valverde’s options are reduced. And it is that as a player he has not shown the same level, as he is a player who depends on his stride and his physique and not so much on his technique. That is why he could end up becoming one of Real Madrid’s big sales in the upcoming markets.

Of course, Fede Valverde is not going to leave the white team this summer. The club has blind faith in him and values ​​him as one of the team’s next captains. However, if he ends up being a substitute as expected, the sale of him in 2024 is not ruled out. A sale with which Real Madrid would enter more than 100 million eurosbecause all the big clubs in the world will be interested in his signing.

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