Home Sports Crack of Juventus covered by Atlético to sell Morata

Crack of Juventus covered by Atlético to sell Morata

From the mattress box they could consider an exchange

The Atletico Madrid keep thinking about the future of several players like bruise and in the Juventus would have a useful escape route. The Spanish striker has had a good performance at the Italian club and one of his great supporters is Massimiliano Allegri. Otherwise it is Simeonewho wouldn’t count on him.

Let us remember that although the intention of the bianconeros is to continue with the attacker, they would not make use of the purchase option that is in the contract. Despite this, the idea of ​​the sports management is to have a large part of the current squad and for this reason they visualize alternatives for this ultimate move.

Seville Morata
Morata could continue at Juventus

Atlético could receive a Juventus player to accept Morata’s departure

In this way, Juventus could send one of their discards to Atlético, to stay with Álvaro Morata in the summer. It is the idea that has arisen in Andrea Berta, since there are several troops that will not be taken into account by Allegri and the best thing will be to release them immediately.

In that order of ideas, the footballer targeted to leave the Vecchia Signora is Moise Kean. The Italian striker who belongs to Everton will be acquired on account of the purchase option that exists for him, but he will be immediately put on the market. That’s where they intend to use it as a bargaining chip.

Moise Kean is the player Juventus wants to send to Atlético

Moise Kean would go to Atlético de Madrid and Morata would be at Juventus de Turín, this time owned. It would be an exchange of cards that would be quite profitable for both parties, since they would come out of players who are not going to be protagonists with their current coaches. Of course, there would be doubts on the part of the Argentine coach.

Diego Simeone would be in favor of Morata’s definitive departure, but he has not approved of Kean’s arrival. The coach has other names in the folder to reinforce his offense, which are first class. We will have to wait anyway in case there is any surprise and Cholo gives his final ok.

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