Crack of Joan Jordán explodes in the face of RCD Espanyol

The midfielder has removed a thorn that was nailed apparently because of how it came out and in the conditions that it did

talk about today Joan Jordan is to talk about one of the best midfielders in all of football in Spain, without a doubt, although many do not refer to his formative stages at RCD Espanyol with whom he has a somewhat bittersweet anecdote. He recently made it clear in an interview, where he also loosened certain specific details.

In that contact Jordán has stated that he has been a little disappointed in the way in which he has left the parakeet club. No trust from their bosses and above all, without the slightest explanation. Loans and a subsequent sale until Sevilla had the courage to sign him and make him have the best time of his career.

Arsenal offer
Joan Jordan could make the big leap of her career if things materialize with Atlético

Espanyol never believed in the talent of Joan Jordán recognizes the now Sevilla midfielder

When he was in the minor divisions he already proved to be a player much more faithful to a style, with great performances and a very high margin of regularity. There were 17 days that he was participating that, as he himself has said, did not help him to earn a place in the first team.

A year on loan at Valladolid, with good moments was not enough either, and then even passing Eibar. As he himself points out, he has pleasant memories of the club and of the vast majority of his teammates, but he cannot talk about what happened because, in the end, a club that does not bet on new talent is a club that does not evolve.

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The best thing that ever happened to him was waking up from the dream he was in.

But this story has a nice ending. According to her account, once she accepted it and began to perform at a very high level, she learned to value everything. He doesn’t want to know anything about culprits, and less if Quique Sánchez Flores had some leading role, in the end they were speculations that reached his ears and died there.

Seeing how everything has happened today, he appreciates being where he is, performing as he does and being relevant to his coach. In fact, he has been one of the few who has shown tones of courage, with round numbers and with a plus that is his arrival in the area. Although he must manage his emotions, he is aware that they love him for many years in Andalusia.

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