CPC leader’s big statement amid reports of atrocities on Muslims

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China has been accused of atrocities against Uighur Muslims.

China Muslim News: The extent to which Muslim minorities are persecuted in China is not hidden from anyone. There have been many such reports in which things of atrocities against Muslims are proved. Meanwhile, senior ruling Communist Party leader Wang Yang has asked the country’s 25 million Muslims to “raise the spirit of patriotism” and change Islamic beliefs according to China’s conditions. The Chinese leader’s statement comes amid an aggressive diplomatic stance adopted by Beijing to counter allegations of human rights violations of Uighur Muslims in a UN report.

‘Strengthen the Chinese stand in the development of Islam’

Senior Chinese leader Wang Yang called on the Chinese Communist Party’s (CPC) fundamental policies on religious matters to be fully implemented during a meeting with the newly-elected members of the ‘China Islamic Association’ on Tuesday. Wang is a member of the Standing Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPC and the chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. He asked the association to maintain the right political direction, uphold the spirit of patriotism and communism, and further strengthen the Chinese stand in the development of Islam in China and facilitate the adoption of communist society.

China Muslims, China Muslims News, China Muslims News Latest, China Muslims CCP

Image Source : AP

Demonstration in Jakarta against Chinese excesses on Muslims.

China has declared the report completely illegal

Wang called on Islamic figures and Muslims to work together to make China a communist country in all respects. He also said that everyone has to come together to realize the national dream of rejuvenating China. China, however, rejected the UN Human Rights Report on human rights violations and said that it was prepared by the US. Dragon has termed the report as completely ‘illegal’. In the report, the US has said that allegations of atrocities against Uighur Muslims may amount to a ‘crime against humanity’.

China has been defending action against Muslims

Let us tell you that China has imposed many restrictions against the minority Uighur Muslims living in Xinjiang province and has been keeping them in the camp. It has defended its action against Uighur Muslims, saying the move is aimed at reining in the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), which has alleged links with radical organizations such as Al Qaeda and Islamic State. China has also advocated Chineseisation of Islam, which in the broader sense is meant to harmonize it with the policies of the CPC.

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