Cows grazing grass arrested the accused hiding in the field

A suspicious person hiding in a field in America was arrested by cows, the police were surprised at the wisdom of cows.

According to American media, the incident took place in Boone, a small town in the state of North Carolina. A suspicious person broke the traffic signal and escaped quickly and hid in the fields of the nearby area.

In their statement released on social media, the local police said that the suspect drove his car at such a high speed that the police could not follow him, after that he left the car in a place and hid in the fields.

When the police reached the said place, they noticed that the behavior of the cows grazing in the field was unusual.

According to the police, the cows had a restless demeanor and kept looking at the place where the suspect was hiding.

The police arrested a 34-year-old suspect.

In a Facebook post, the police humorously announced plans to recruit these cows into the police department as well.

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