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Cow hoof tree to treat diabetes

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Hello friends, today I am sharing a plant that has been mentioned to me several times in my videos when I pass by it and it is the cow’s hoof or ox’s hoof.

In this video I will teach you how to recognize the variety of hull that is medicinal”bahuinia forticata(it’s not that the others aren’t, it’s just that it’s the one with scientific backing). As clarified in the video, we are always talking about its consumption in healthy people who, for some reason, want to preventively lower the levels of sugar (glucose) in the blood and who by no means replace the healthy diet, the physical exercise and the treatment proposed by the professionals of health.

That said, I’ll share how prepare infusions very simple with cow’s hooves and with little irrigation in terms of dosage, more than anything to test and see how we feel with its consumption, I hope you like it and especially the content serves you, a big hug and then I leave the index


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