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Covid: the United States Supreme Court endorsed the mandatory nature of the vaccine in the health sector

A judge of the Supreme Court of the United States rejected a lawsuit of workers in the health sector of the state of maine against the obligation to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

All health workers in this state Northeastern United States they will have to comply with the requirement of their authorities to be vaccinated before October 29. This was confirmed by Judge Stephen Breyer in his ruling.

Several health sector employees and a healthcare provider argue that the Maine state decree violates their constitutional right to freedom of religion, by alleging conscientious objections to avoid getting vaccinated.

The lawsuit was against the governor of Maine, Democrat Janet Mills, and other officials, and asked the courts to preliminarily block the measure until the case was resolved.

Anti-vaccine protest. AFP

Breyer denied the plaintiffs’ request, which had already been rejected last week by the Federal District Court of Maine. That court ruled that the obligation to vaccinate did not violate the workers’ right to freedom of religion, collected in the first amendment.

The United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, to which the workers went after the rejection in the Federal Court of Maine, confirmed this Tuesday the refusal of the district court.

Said court said that this measure does not prevent them from “staying faithful to their professed religious beliefs which, according to them, force them to refuse to be vaccinated against covid-19 “.


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