Home World Covid-19: Violence against disabled adults and the elderly on the rise

Covid-19: Violence against disabled adults and the elderly on the rise

Among all the deleterious effects of the health crisis, platform 3977 revealed this Wednesday, August 11, that calls received about violence against disabled adults and the elderly increased by 36% in 2020. The trend continues in 2021.

The association has also handled 16% more cases since the start of the crisis in France early last year. Most of the cases are in nursing homes and specialized establishments, reports FranceInfo. The violent behavior of certain employees may have been aggravated by the general exhaustion of these personnel, given the restrictions and measures implemented in these places.

But abuse at home was also more important. In this case, the situation can get out of control, for example, when a child who has come to provide help to his parents can no longer bear the inconveniences of everyday life, which are further amplified by confinement, details a person responsible for 3977.

The leaders of the association are concerned that the numbers will not drop. In fact, the number of calls remains high in 2021, particularly about specialized centers for people with disabilities and nursing homes. The call center fears that the situation could get worse. Staff fatigue, resignations, difficulties in hiring (and therefore in having competent and motivated employees) are factors that worry those who hope that mistreatment will decrease.

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