Covid-19: “The ultimate health weapon was not invented”

Pr Jean-Philippe Derenne, author of the book “Covid-19, one world”, published by Odile-Jacob, is the guest at 23h of franceinfo on Wednesday 13 October.

“The main place of transmission of Covid-19 is the restaurant. A restaurant owner who does not ask for the health pass from his customers should be closed. The pass is what saves them. Without a pass, all restaurants would have to close“, assures Professor Jean-Philippe Derenne.

The ultimate health weapon was not invented. It is a new virus and there is no cure. First of all, you must not catch it. Vaccination is an additional element, but it does not protect 100%. It is a weapon while waiting for the final solution. We are far from having a treatment that is easy to administer, inexpensive and not toxic “, recalls this epidemiologist.

“10 to 20% of the population with the coronavirus have the Covid long and are in trouble for months and years. I know people who are not recovered after two years. A Chinese study shows that half of people who were in intensive care have at least one symptom a year later “, assure the Pr Derenne.

For him, outside of China, no country has really succeeded in containing the pandemic of Covid-19. In Wuhan, everything is normal as life. In Beijing, it’s the same. China was very afraid of SARS and it set up a whole complex control network which was used for the Covid-19“, explains the author of the book Covid-19, one world published by editions Odile-jacob.

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