The Versailles administrative court suspended Wednesday January 12 the prefectural decree making it compulsory to wear a mask outdoors in the Yvelines department, according to a press release, a first on the national territory. Seized by individuals, the summary judge considered that this “obligation could be imposed only on condition that the local epidemiological situation justifies it and that the wearing of the mask is limited to places and at times of high traffic”, according to the report. communicated. He therefore considered that the measure “unduly, disproportionately and inappropriately interfered with (…) individual liberty”.

If the risk of Covid-19 contamination is “lower in the open air”, the magistrate nevertheless agreed that it was not “excluded (…) when there is a high concentration of people” and that the prefect could “delimit areas of obligation to wear a mask outdoors” in the event of high density.

Contacted by AFP, the prefecture of Yvelines said “take note of the decision of the administrative court of Versailles” and “study it to adapt the obligation to wear a mask outdoors”, particularly in terms of areas and schedule. A new decree should therefore be drafted soon.

On Tuesday, January 11, the Council of State had been seized urgently by a private individual “to order the suspension of the decision by which the Prime Minister instructed the prefects to implement the obligation to wear a mask in outside”. In one press release published on its website, the institution then specified the conditions put in place to limit this obligation, such as the place and peak hours.


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