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Covid-19: Restrictions will be imposed on people who do not receive the vaccine in Italy


  • Mandatory vaccination for school employees
  • Mandatory vaccination for police and military personnel

Rome: The Italian government, which is facing the ravages of the Corona virus, has decided to impose some restrictions on those people who have not yet received anti-Covid-19 vaccines to prevent the spread of this viral infection and get the economy back on track. . According to the new guidelines, as of December 6, people must present proof of recent recovery from Kovid-19 or vaccination to eat in restaurants, go to movie theaters or watch any sporting event.

The new rules make vaccinations mandatory for law enforcement, the military, and all school workers. Previous vaccination was mandatory only for health workers and teachers. Prime Minister Mario Draghi said these steps are necessary to halt the slow but steadily increasing cases of infection and get the European Union’s third-largest economy back on track.

“We have begun to return to normality and we want to maintain it,” Draghi said at a press conference. Health Minister Roberto Speranza acknowledged that Italy is doing better than many of its neighbors, he also said that the country has learned that proactive and preventive measures are necessary to deal with the global pandemic.

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