Covid-19: Number of people in intensive care, number of deaths in the hospital, affected regions … The coronavirus in figures and on a map

Update on the coronavirus in figures. How many people in intensive care are there in France every day? How many hospital deaths since the beginning of the epidemic? What regions are the most affected?

Answers with figures provided by Public health France.

As of Monday, August 9, France has 1,667 people in intensive care or intensive care for Covid-19.

Looking at the curve shows that this number peaked on April 8, 2020. That day, 7,019 people were in “intensive care”. This indicator then experienced a continuous decline, before stagnating in late July, then rising again in early September.

As of October 11, 2020, the increase was exponential, reaching a new peak on November 16 (4,903 people in intensive care). Then the curve began to fall again for a month, before stagnating.

It rose again from mid-January 2021. The peak of the second wave was surpassed on March 29. This indicator stabilized in mid-April, before falling since the end of April. It has started to stagnate again for a few days, it even seems to be going up slightly.

Note that the data presented here takes into account only the Covid-19 related deaths that took place in the hospital. To this sad number are added the victims in medical-social establishments, including nursing homes, and those who died at home.

Note that the sudden increase on September 18 was due to the records that had not been transmitted by a hospital in Essonne, and that the figures increased according to Public Health France.

By studying mortality data by sex, we can see that men are much more affected by the coronavirus than women.

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By taking the figures for the number of deaths and adding the distribution by region, we can see an inequality between the territories.

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