Canada announced Tuesday, June 14 the lifting of the vaccination obligation against Covid-19 for domestic travel and to leave the territory, by plane or by train, as well as for its federal civil servants. “I am pleased to announce that on June 20, our government will suspend the requirement to be vaccinated to board a plane or train in Canada,” Transport Minister Omar Alghabra said during a meeting. of a press conference. He justified this decision by the high rate of vaccination and a drop in contamination in a country which has already largely lifted the restrictions put in place since 2020 to fight the pandemic.

Since October, in Canada, it was impossible to take the plane or the train without being vaccinated. This obligation could, however, be reinstated if the contaminations start to rise again, said Omar Alghabra, the Minister of Transport. Travelers entering Canada must continue to provide proof of vaccination. The Minister of Transport stressed that the United States, a popular destination for Canadians, always required proof of vaccination.