COVID-19: Jennifer Aniston cut ties with people around her because of the vaccine

Jennifer Aniston is not messing with the COVID-19 vaccine. In an interview with the American magazine InStyle, the actress revealed that she had lost contact with people around her who refused to be vaccinated.

According to Jennifer Aniston, it is important to continue to inform about the benefits and necessity of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign. Taking into account the fears of those who still refuse to get vaccinated.

“There is still a large group of people who are anti-vax or who refuse to accept scientific facts. It is a shame. I have lost contact with some people in my daily life who refuse to get vaccinated or refuse to reveal whether or not they have. Which is unfortunate, ”explains the 52-year-old actress to Fashion.

For Jennifer Aniston, continuing to inform the population about the vaccine is a “moral and professional” duty. However, it recognizes that people have the right to have their own opinion. “It is not obvious because everyone has an opinion on it, but many of these opinions do not seem to be based on facts, but on fear or propaganda,” he adds.

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