Covid-19: Israel to reopen its doors to tourist groups

Tourist groups of five to thirty people will be re-admitted to Israel, in addition to those coming from countries on its “red list”.

Good news about fighting Covid. After a month of hiatus due to a new wave of contamination from Covid-19, Israel will reopen its doors from Sept. 19 to groups of foreign tourists, officials announced this Sunday (September 5).

On the strength of an intense vaccination campaign in winter, the Hebrew state disrupted most of its economy in the spring and in May authorized the entry of groups of foreign tourists into the country following the health protocol. But authorities had frozen this program on Aug. 11 due to a new influx of Delta-linked cases, especially among the unvaccinated.

Last week, when classes started, the country registered a record, with around 11,000 infections in one day. Since then, the number has dropped to 4,975 infections on Saturday, according to the Ministry of Health, which also reported a reduction in severe cases.

The Ministry of Tourism has announced that from September 19, tourist groups comprising between five and thirty people will be re-admitted to Israel, except for those coming from countries on its “red list”. This currently includes Brazil, Turkey, Bulgaria and Mexico. Authorities have not yet announced a date for the reception of individual tourists.

“There is no limit on the number of foreign groups allowed to enter Israel”, the Ministry of Tourism said in a statement, adding that, from May to August, “more than 2,000 tourists have entered Israel, mainly (from) the United States and Europe”, and “no cases of Covid were identified among these groups.” Tourists must have received a second dose of the vaccine within the past six months, or proof of a third dose, officials said.

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