Covid-19: Here’s how to get your European Health Insurance Card for travel

While the health pass is a key to crossing the borders of the EU, there are many countries where PCR and antigen tests remain chargeable with prices that can reach 300 euros. It is however possible to be reimbursed under certain conditions. And the European Health Insurance Card, free of charge, often makes the process easier.

More commonly known as EHIC, the European Health Insurance Card is based on the Carte Vitale model. It can be used with healthcare establishments and personnel in all member countries of the EU and the European Economic Area, as well as in Switzerland.

To order from the EHIC, all you have to do is go to the social security site and go to the “Your Carte Vitale / Carte Européenne Sickness Insurance (EHIC)” section. You can then go to the page dedicated to the CEAM (Available HERE) or by clicking on the photo below. It should be noted that if you have the Ameli application (on iOS and Android), the process is also possible on your smartphone.

Then all you have to do is access your account with your personal identifiers (social security number + a password). In the “My procedures in 2 clicks” section, a tab dedicated to the EHIC is accessible and all you have to do is click on your name and confirm that you wish to receive the card. This will then be sent to your postal address. It is also possible to apply for an EHIC for your children if they are attached to your vital card.

A card valid for 2 years

Please note that the European Health Insurance Card will be valid for two years to the day from the moment you request it on the Ameli site. In case of loss, you can also print it in order to keep the references if necessary. To do so, go to the “My Information” area of ​​your Ameli account. You will then see a European map in digital format appear under your contact details. Click on it and press the “Print” button.

Refunds subject to conditions

In general, the EHIC makes it possible to speed up the reimbursement procedure for your care in the countries where it is valid. In the case of Covid-19 and PCR or antigen tests that you would do the reimbursement is not systematic. The site specifies: “Only tests of a medical nature (presence of symptoms), on medical prescription, are covered by French health insurance when a necessary test must be carried out immediately”. Clearly, if you are abroad for work or tourism and you do not have symptoms when you return, the tests will not be reimbursed.

In the event that the signs of Covid-19 appear and you need to take a PCR test, a reimbursement procedure is possible. Two means are proposed:

– Either you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). It is then sufficient to present it at the time of the test for the reimbursement procedure to be automatically sent to the French health insurance.

– Either you do not have the EHIC. You will then have to download the S3125 form available HERE and complete it on your return to French territory, before sending it to your health insurance fund. “The invoice for the test carried out as well as the medical prescription or the medical certificate must be attached to this form as supporting documents”, explains Ameli.

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