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Covid-19: considerable drop in the number of screening tests

In one week, the number of new positive cases for Covid-19 fell by 30%, precisely 554.6 per 100,000 inhabitants from April 24 to 30. The incidence rate should even drop below 500 in the coming days. And this is undoubtedly what explains the considerable drop in the number of screening tests, relays . There were half as many tests in a month. Thus, during the week of April 25 to May 1, just over two million tests were carried out. This is, according to our colleagues, the lowest figure since mid-November 2021.

According to the Department of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (Drees), half of these two million tests were for antigens. Sunny days and holidays could be the main causes, and this drop should be much greater, estimates the Drees, “mitigated by the fact that the holiday nature of Easter Monday April 18 had weighed on the number of tests carried out during the week. previous (unlike Labor Day, which fell on a Sunday, which had little effect on the number of tests validated this week)”.

Pre-Omicron Level

According to figures from the SI-DEP portal, tests started to rise again last November with more than four million at the end of the month, before peaking on January 10 with almost 12.6 million screenings with the Omicron variant. . Since that date, they have been in constant decline, but had experienced a rebound in early March with the resurgence of cases. On March 31, 4.1 million were still practiced. According to , the decline concerns all age groups, but is even more marked among the youngest. May 1 marked the “poorest” day in tests with 69,406. There were still more than 445,000 on April 25 alone and almost 600,000 on April 19.

All these figures tend to show that we are returning to levels that were known before the arrival of the Omicron variant. More than 45 million tests had been carried out by January. What to loosen the vice a little more? Government spokesman Gabriel Attal confirmed a few days ago that this “should allow us to adapt our rules and adapt our system in the weeks to come”. Figures which will be scrutinized a little more before the summer when a relaxation is also observed in the hospital.


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