Home World Covid-19, Brexit … British restaurateurs face shortages of assets and labor

Covid-19, Brexit … British restaurateurs face shortages of assets and labor

Covid-19, Brexit … British restaurateurs face shortages of assets and labor

The shortage of products and labor caused by the Covid-19 and Brexit pandemic is strongly felt among British restaurant owners. After a catastrophic year and a half because of the imposed closures, they had hoped to restart their activities, but now they are hit by repeated absences.

In Sumosan Twiga’s kitchen, for example, Alessandro Scala inspects deliveries with concern. The chef at this chic Southwest London restaurant likes to mix flavors, mainly Japanese. You still have to find them, as he doesn’t receive everything he asks for or not within the expected time frame: “every week products are missing and some reappear, recently Japanese meat or basic things like soy sauce

“We have to adapt according to what we find in the market, the deliveries. Sometimes we have to redo half the menu. It’s been like this for 2 months”.

Alessandro Scala, restaurateur

to France

To the restaurateur, “London is coming back to life, every restaurant wants to operate at full capacity. On the one hand, the demand for food is exploding and, on the other, there are more and more shortages.Among the explanations presented, we highlight the anti-Covid 19 regulations that slow down or even block certain foods, or even Brexit, when a demanding customs official delays two Italian dairy pallets because he wants to know exactly what it is that the cows that supplied this milk ate.

In the trendy atmosphere of Chotto Matte, a restaurant in the Soho district of London, chef Jordan Sclare faces the same supply problem, but he also lacks employees, cooks, clerks, waiters. Forcefully unemployed for months, some have not returned after changing their lives or settling abroad. And many other bosses are in the same situation.

“Other restaurant owners come to dinner here and give their business cards to our employees in front of us. As waste pickers, that’s what we experience today.”

jordan sclare, restaurateur

to France

They tell them ‘come and work for me. You look great! ‘ When I see them doing that, I want to kick them out“, excites Jordan Sclare. In the UK, some restaurants already offer salary increases of 20 to 30% to recruit or simply retain your employees.

Covid-19, Brexit: British restorers face shortages of assets and labor


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