Funny scene in a Eurostar train from Paris to London, Thursday, October 7 in the afternoon. According to our English colleagues from , a man was arrested by French police while traveling on the train because he was not wearing “the right kind of mask”. The Eurostar even had to make a special stop at Lille station for French police to get on the train and come and stop it. According to our colleagues, based on an amateur video, eight members of the security forces arrested the man in his forties.

“I did nothing wrong, I respected all the rules in force concerning the Covid-19, it is absolutely scandalous”, he got carried away while he was evacuated by the police officers. “I do not understand what is going on, except for the fact that a member of the Eurostar staff took a hold of me and accused me of not wearing the right type of mask,” he said. he adds.

A “ridiculous” arrest according to the other passengers

The man then lamented being alone in France when he had come for a business trip. “We should not be treated like that,” he pleaded with our colleagues. The controller of the train in question confirmed the facts and indicated that he was not wearing a regulatory mask. The French police said they had to make the arrest, without really knowing the reasons.

According to information gathered by The Independent, it was shortly after departure that the train controller accused the man of wearing a black mask which “did not correspond to the sanitary measures in force”. He would then have replaced his mask with another blue disposable that another passenger had given him and apologized. “But in Lille, he had the unpleasant surprise to see the police arrive. According to several passengers, the scene was “ridiculous”, especially since the man had complied with requests. Eurostar did not answer questions from our English colleagues.


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