Covering of Rayo Vallecano puts Falcao’s ownership at risk

Vallecanos begin to monitor names that allow them to be in a comfortable position in a few years

In football as in life itself there is nothing eternal, that is why Rayo Vallecano have been analyzing options to replace Radamel Falcao the day it is not level. Following that instinct is that they have popularized the famous idea of ​​leaving for a talent of little renown but of great level and they have understood that this is Chris Ramos.

The striker of CD Lugo It is undoubtedly one of the best in the second category in Spain. Player with enormous virtues and that this season in particular has earned him to make a name for himself on stage. He has multiple virtues and his dream is to play first; just as the board of the crossed stripe club values.

Chris Ramos, has slowly become Lugo’s top star

Falcao has little time left at the highest level and Rayo Vallecano bases his execution on that

The situation is that at 35 years old, which will be 36 in February, and with the legacy of injuries that he carries, the Colombian understands that his time competing is limited to just over two seasons. So with Iraola’s commitments and vision, Rayo Vaallecano has had to diversify his vision.

The name of Chris Ramos It’s on the table and they like it too much. He has everything that the idea of ​​the strategist demands, dedication, dedication, speed, explosive force and goal. He plays on the wings but in reality his natural position is second striker. The one that plays to connect between the middle line and the most advanced.

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Lugo will not make things as easy as it seems

However, for that to happen first, it is necessary to carry with the economic options that this transfers. And it is that they have just lost Gerard Valentín, and the sports structure is very affected. So, in order to execute the plan, they must first checkout and satisfy the ideas of the selling club.

Execution is expected to be carried out between now and the end of the summer, which is, to the extent, the plan that is working right now. Andoni’s response so far has been positive and he will monitor the player’s progress in the remainder of the competition to continue adding alternatives to his base.

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