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Court sends ex-Nationals employee accused of assaulting woman in DR to trial

Tribunal envía a juicio a ex empleado de Nationals acusado de agredir a mujer en RD

Jhaziel Morelformer employee ofWashington Nationalswho is accused of allegedly throwing two containers of hot coffee in the face of a clerk in a grocery storeDominican RepublicIn the year 2020, he must continue to face his case, this time before the judges who will hear the merits of the accusation.

TheFifth Court of Instruction of the National Districtdecided to send to trial on meritsMorelfor understanding that the accusation against her for gender-based violence has sufficient merit to be known at the aforementioned stage.

The judgeRosalmy Guerrero Rodriguezaccepted the complaint with constitution in civil action filed byRaisa Vasqueza person who was allegedly injured by the former employee ofWashington Nationals.

It is recalled that during the year 2020, a video went viral in which it was appreciatedMorelwearing a mask, start an argument againstVasquez, when she claimed him for the payment of some drinks he had had. The reaction of the defendant today was to throw both drinks in the face of the victim and he proceeded to leave the establishment. Days later she turned herself in to the authorities, whileWashington NationalsHe immediately proceeded to dismiss the defendant.

the lawyer ofVasquez,Felix Gatestold the Dominican newspaper Diario Libre that the judge rejected a request from the lawyers ofMorelso that the court disassociated itself from the case and proceeded to hear it before another judicial dependency. Further,Shippingpointed out that the defendant argued that the case should not be admitted as gender violence, becauseMorelhe did not intend to attack her because she was a woman, a request that was also rejected by the court.

We establish that there was gender violence, that there was violence against women, as established by the Public Ministry and that he must go to trial for those charges”, Portes told the Dominican press.

The prosecution, as well as theNational District Attorney’s Officehave asked the court to impose the maximum sentence againstMorelin accordance with Dominican law, which is five years in prison, in addition to financial compensation for the damages caused to the defendant.

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