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Could Saw XI be Spiral 2? Producers react

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In 2021, how I saw 9We had the right to an independent police investigation into the adventures of John Kramer with Spiral: Saw’s Legacy Who saw the lieutenant? Zeke Banks (Chris Rock) investigate a mysterious series of murders similar to the games of puzzle and which only targeted members of American law enforcement. That is new Seen had a (very) poor critical reception (37% good reviews on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes) opposite to Saw X which continued the course of the Mystery Killer’s existence between Volume 1 and Volume 3 of the franchise. If Chris Rock Will he leave to reprise his role, fans aren’t necessarily waiting to see him return for a sequel Spiral. And rest assured, the producers seem to be on the same wavelength.

Saw XI was confirmed for next September and – sigh of relief – it wouldn’t be the film’s sequel Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson. This is in an interview with SFX Magazine that the producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules gave some information about the eleventh work of the saga:

“Maybe one day we’ll do a sequel (to Spiral) again.” Chris Rock would love to do one, but our goal is because of the success and response to it Saw XEast I saw 11. »

For Saw 11, you will have to wait until September 27, 2024 to discover it in cinemas.

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