Coudet denounces RC Celta’s boycott of his work

The coach has denounced negligence that alters his work and the development of his approaches

The improvement is significant, Celta de Vigo is another team now with this new management of Edward Coudet. However, nothing is forever and not everything is rosy, since the coach has denounced a boycott against him for not having open relationships and for contempt with his subsidiary and youth coaches for the placement of talents in the first team.

It is not explained why Gabriel Veiga He has not come to train with them, it is something that was raised and the regular order has not been responded to. Although he has requested two players and one of them is working alongside the group, Carlos Dominguezdon’t understand why gabri he’s not doing it.

Celtic Valencia
Eduardo Coudet pointed out sectors of the club for not meeting his demands

The reasons are not clear and Coudet continues to point to those in charge at Celta of negligence

The subject has come as a result of the previous one in which his team is going to be measured tonight in Balaídos a Levante. He cannot give the reasons, but what he is clear about is that the reasons respond to third parties and that is something private for him and for the boys who have been doing the process.

In fact, he has a relationship with the youth coach, but not with the subsidiary, and that is something that draws his attention. At certain times, those time lapses that competition allows must be taken advantage of, and he considers that the friction with the elders will allow the boys to learn things that they still do not know.

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On the rival of has overflowed in praise

Already with regard to the rival on duty, he has said that he is very dangerous. Not because they come with a knife between their teeth, Coudet considers that they are motivated and apart from that they have a huge squad full of talent. Levante comes from beating Atlético de Madrid 0-1 at the Metropolitano and they are looking for their own goals.

They are not going to grant spaces to a team that knows how to exploit them. Celta de Vigo plays its cards trying to be as close as possible to the positions that give access to international cups and that is why it has highlighted the importance of this match. They have prepared it and will go with everything to offer a show.

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